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Our story….


Hello, my name is Donna Patterson. I was raised in a nursery family. My grandparents, Perry [Sr.] and Hazel Bryant, started Bryant’s Nursery in 1936. They got their start in the early 1930’s by raising and selling corn and vegetable plants and eventually transitioned into a full-blown nursery business in Santa Cruz, California, carrying over 1 million plants. Their children, including my father, were part of the business from a young age. They were all nursery men and women. Some of the grandchildren, including myself, worked in the nursery business as young adults. My father, Perry [Jr.], is 91 years old and still active in growing plants – he is the person I have gone to all my life for gardening advice and know-how. He recently e-mailed me and said: “I am still planting different things that probably won’t bear fruit for years but right now I expect to see them fruit. Remember “Hope burns eternal””.


After my grandparents passed, the nursery business was closed and the beautiful greenhouses were sold off, all, except one – the smaller ‘cutting & seeding’ greenhouse, which I inherited from my Uncle Sam about 17 years ago. It was stored on our property in Oregon until my husband, Bob, after he retired, reconstructed the building beginning in 2017. It took almost two years to piece that old building back together. He’s my hero!


I have always loved plants and gardening and have dreamed of owning and running a nursery of my own, but life, as it sometimes does, takes us down different paths for a while. Instead, I spent 25 years working in my yard and creating, what one friend says, ‘my happy place’.  It constantly changes as the trees and shrubs mature, and I change directions with new ideas to incorporate into my yard. However, I am really looking forward to see what all my trees and bushes will look like when fully grown in the next few decades.  I believe a garden is an extension of yourself and becomes part of who you are - there is nothing like putting your hands in the soil and feeling its warmth and vitality. As most gardeners can appreciate, your garden will never be done. We all know it’s a journey. And there is no place I would rather be than in my garden amongst the blooms.


Thus, after 40 years, with the encouragement of my husband, my dream of owning a small nursery has come true. I have a great deal to re-learn, but I have never been more excited to share my love of gardening and plants with others.


So drive on out and visit our unique, vintage greenhouse inherited from my family. We are in the country a short distance outside of Vale, Oregon. Come enjoy the fresh air and low-key atmosphere and browse our nice selection of bedding plants, hanging baskets, vegetable starts, and potted plants. We are located on a working farm & ranch. We hope you can spend at least a few minutes for a visit. We would love to hear your stories.


From our garden to yours…

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